Week of May 20th

Hello everyone,

I hope that you had a nice weekend. Don’t forget that this week is Jeans week, and you are welcome to wear jeans as a result of Appreciation Week.

Take a look at this cool site that was recommended by our friend Jonathan Martin discussing what it takes to become an All Project-Based School:

Also, here is an annual report that discusses student outcomes with integration of technology. There is some good information in here.

Download (PDF, 10.17MB)

if you are interested.

Vickie, let’s figure out a way to tie up any outstanding feedback needed for the conference reports from PS by the end of the week. Also, I’m going to send you the latest information from Sue @ Senior. I’ve been unable to get back with her pertaining to the information that the Parent’s Association was involved with. Would you mind picking this up and running with it? I’d like to get them at a minimum a printed directory, and evaluate the app versus a product that Finalsite has. It would make sense that we go with the Finalsite App provided we are continuing business with them for sure. We will utilize Melissa’s feedback for the Finalsite App information.
I show LS grades due on Wednesday (don’t know if this is accurate or not) and MS grades due on Thursday so we can plan accordingly.

Chris & Steve Middle School will be on assessment schedules all week so if anything needs to be planned or scheduled in those areas they should be released at 12:15, and then off on Friday. Obviously schedule some time for the Barracuda swap out and rebuild. Let’s make the VPN client setup a priority this week.

Carlo, I spoke with Steve L., about live streaming Graduation, and we decided to only record w/o the stream.

I don’t have any setups for this week except to keep an eye on the Film Fest sessions in the FAC. Just make sure that they are okay and good to go.

As always let me know if I’m forgetting anything relating to Tech.


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